Sunday, December 04, 2005

the weekend that wasn't

Oh my, where did the weekend go?? Here are all the things I did NOT do this weekend that I wanted to:

- Christmas shopping (unless you count hitting "send" on an Amazon order I've been building for a week).
-Decorating/putting up Christmas tree.
-Freelance writing.

...and on and on. What did I do this weekend? Well I'll tell you:

-Vegged out.

It was, actually, a divine weekend of lazy debauchery, but still the Guilt, oh the Guilt. At least I managed to do 1 load of towels and unload the dishwasher -- woo hoo!! Now I sit in my old-fashioned, mom-looking, full-length nightgown, given to me by my ex-MIL, and which I wear only when it's cold b/c although thin, it's like a giant tent and holds in my body heat. I sit in this gown under a blanket and two cats, on my couch, in front of my (fake) fire, watching Dr. 90201 and surfing the web. I'm trying to enjoy this because I feel like it's the calm before the storm; tomorrow is December 6, and will mark the beginning of the holiday frenzy. Already I'm going to websites with giant banners that say things like "Only 5 more days for ground shipping before Christmas!" Internet, this freaks me out. I did the majority of my shopping online, but there is still more to be done and I dread going to the mall, any mall, with the holidays fast approaching. So wish me luck. Oh, I'm also annoyed with the Gap; I can't access their website from my Mac!! I get a message that they don't support my browser, which is Safari, which comes standard on Macs and which I was told to use by my work IT guy. Sigh. So I didn't know it was an unsupported, unpopular browser. And I blame the Gap, naturally. Like they're too HIP for Safari, give me a break. grumble grumble.

Ok, so I slipped in the comment on Dr. 90210, but I'll own up to it -- Yes, it's a guilty pleasure. Like most of my t.v. habits. But damn i'm fascinated with those boob jobs, I mean COME ON. It intrigues me that it is perfectly acceptable to show all these giant plastic boobs, as long as the nipple is erased by the magic of technology. I find this much more alarming than an actual nipple, but what do I know. And there's some drama brewing on Dr. Ray's homefront; he wants another baby and his wife just told us how she just got on the pill to "protect herself from an unwanted pregnancy". Yikes. I want to hate her because she's rich and beautiful and looks better than I've ever looked in a bikini after having TWO KIDS, but she's so sweet to put up with Dr. Ray's eccentric crap. Anyway.

Yeah, ramble ramble. I got nothin'. So I guess I should go prepare for another week that I'm sure will fly right by without my noticing, as is the norm these days. I'll try to check in some along the way.

that is all.


Crazy MomCat said...

I can't believe you watch that show! I just can't believe it.

But, isn't it irritating how self-obsessed Dr. Rey is? Even though his wife is beautiful, I feel sorry for her because he's more concerned with making money and karate than his family at home.

Um, not that I've ever watched the show. No, I'd never be caught DEAD watching it...(wink)

Babs said...

I made a quick run to Michael's yesterday and OMG, the Xmas parking lot experience has started... Too many cars. Too many pedestrians. And this wasn't even at the mall!!! I'm headed online for some more shopping now.

(p.s. can you remind me next time dr. 90210 is on? I always forget to watch it!)