Friday, December 02, 2005

On shame

This is shallow. It is silly. And I am ashamed. But it must be said:

I [HEART] Madonna's new CD, Confessions On a Dance Floor.

Go ahead, judge me. Then listen to it and try not to bob your head and shake your booty.


Polt said...

I am all OVER Confessions! My GOD how I love it! her best work since Ray of Light, and poissibly better than that.

You're right, the whole thing is one big dance mix! I'm bobbing my head, or tapping my foot or singing along to every song.

And I, being a somewhat flaming queen perched securely between Glitter and Rainbow on the Bay-o-meter, am NOT ashamed to admit it!

Rock on!

Polt said...

Oops, that SHOULD read GAY-o-meter, not BAY-o-meter.

See, I got so wrapped up in the music, my typing skills (limited though they are) went straight to the crapper!

Crazy MomCat said...

So, Lis, is it kind of techno sounding? I heard a clip of some song from that and it sounded a lot like 80s club music, which I LOVED. I may have to put this on my Xmas list!

Lisabell said...

The more I listen to it, the more I get addicted -- it's like crack for your ears

Yes, it's very techno/disco, very upbeat. The words to some of the songs are dumb, but you don't really listen for her deep insights, y'know? ;)