Thursday, December 08, 2005

The day that [Austin] froze over

It's true. Last night Austin got its every-3-or-so-years-worth of ice and the city subsequently shut down. Which means, no school! I mean, work! Yay! I was reminded of those days in Kansas, going to bed at night praying for crazy snow and how gratifying it was to wake up and look out the window well (yes, my bedroom was in the basement -- more on that some other time) and see nothing but the white stuff. I. Loved. It. and I still do. It's like a "free day", where you can do nothing and feel no guilt because, hey, the city shut down! School/work is closed! Hooray! Well, I worked, but on my couch. Working in pajamas! Yay! I believe I have made my joy clear and can now move on. But first, here is proof (and I know my sister buried in "real" snow in CO is going to snicker but I don't care):

So I have been trapped inside with the kitties,* who are providing loads of entertainment:

And while the following photo was not taken today, I still think it's relevant to all the cat-anarchy we've had around here lately -- I'm not the only one fed up with the primadonna:

I will leave you on that note. Wherever you are, stay warm.

*Jess isn't really THAT big, it's just an unflattering, yeah...


Babs said...

wow, being locked up with your kitties sure looks a lot more peaceful than my dvd destruction! (and btw, Jess DOES look huge in that shot!)

Crazy MomCat said...

Hehehe...I think you need to sell funny cat art, Lisa. the pictures you have of Jessito are just so funny! He always has a great expression.

No ice here...just really cold wind. Damn Houston!