Wednesday, October 26, 2005

What's in a name?

Today I only have time for a silly blog post, but it'll have to do. I was pondering my sizable gray cat this morning as he tripped me in the kitchen on my way out. If you've read this blog for any length of time, you know that his name is Jess, and he is the "Jessie" to my "girl". So as I cursed him, it started me thinking of all the different names I call him, and wondered, is this normal? or does everyone give their pets different "pet names"? (get it? get it? oh, wait... is that where that came from?)

Anyway, I have called, or others have called, Jess all of these things at some point in his 9 years of Jess-ness. Some are obvious, some...not so much.

Not so much:
-Violin face
-My handsome
-Buster Gray
-Pumpkin spice
-Little gray man
-My boyfriend

Piper can also be Peeps, Peeper, Peeper-leeper, Pretty girl, Silly girl or Scaredy-cat. Meggie is also Megs, Meggers, Megster, Meggie-Lee, Megorama, Gorgeous girl, The Good Cat or Geriatric cat.

And of course, any of them can be Dammit, MOVE!, STOP!, Knock it off!, GET DOWN NOW or SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssssssssss.

Entertaining, no? If you're not asleep yet, feel free to share some of your pet names...


sarah said...

Okay, I have some pretty weird ones, but nothing disturbing. My cats are named Boomer and Boris. They are about 13 months old and are getting FAT.

Boomer: boomboom, boom-el (like jor-el from superman), badfat, fatass, boomerbaby, blubber, bad kitty, sweet baby, butt kitten (curls up on my butt when I'm lying on my side).

Boris: boriskitty, bor-el, little boris, other badfat, burrow kitty, bad kitty, sweet baby, butt kitten

Dipu said...

My pet names (or is that "pet pet names"?) for Phoebe and Meeka? Umm, let's see:

Phoebe: Phoebe

Meeka: Meeka

I also refer to them collectively as "my girls."

That's it. Imaginative, I know -- or should I say "Excitement City (TM)"? ;-)

Babs said...

oh yeah, I sometimes forget what my dogs' real names are! Here are my current faves for them:

Sophie: SophieBella, SophieSmella, Smelly Belly, Sopherina Bambina

Murphy: Smurfy, Papa Murphy, Murphy Brown, Murphy Dog, cutie patootie

Both: Puppa-ruskies, Puppa-roos

Crazy MomCat said...

I am a freak about this, as you will soo read.
For my cat Simba:
(to the Scooby Doo song)"Simba, Simba, Doo...where are you?"
"Sim-Sim," "Simmy" "baby Simba"(even now when she's an old lady)"seeem-bAH"
Weirdest one: "Umberto the Hair-toe"

My dog Molly:
Mollar Dollar
To the old song "Wooly Bully" I sing the chorus with Molly, Molly instead. (I have no idea why!)
Big Dog (gets right to the point, doesn't it?)

Now, the real scary thing...we do it for our kids too! (Not quite as bad, but we have lots of nicknames.)

Lisabell said...

My goodness, I can't believe I forgot Piper's main pet name: The Claw. Or, for simplicity, just "Claw". (Enunciated in a low voice, drawing out the "aw" part...).

Piper has a special paw. I believe I've written about it somewhere on here...

My faves you've shared: butt kitten, Sopherina Bambina, and of course, Umberto the Hair-toe. Steph, what's the story there? Heh...

Crazy MomCat said...

IF you had seen the amount of hair between my cat's toes, you'd know! I don't know how I got to Umberto...but I started out just calling her hair toe.

Also, she likes to lay with only one paw out, and the other tucked totally under her furry mane where you can't see it. I put out my hand and recite the "Wonder Twin" verses from the old Justice League cartoons. "Wonder twin powers...activate. Form of a hairball. Shape of ..yadda..yadda."

I know. It is very obvious. I need help.