Sunday, October 02, 2005

It's okay to dream

I want to comment on a dream I had this afternoon. Yes, afternoon. When i was supposed to be working. Anyway.

I was having the best dream evah about being at a wedding (or something) and there was this huge-ass buffet. So I kept getting in line and getting behind really slow people, so I kept jumping around from line to line and finally I found myself in front of the desserts. At first I felt guilty because I hadn't yet put any "real food" on my plate. But as I continued through the line, the desserts kept getting better and better, and it wasn't long before I blew off "real food" completely and was loading up on desserts. And OMG. It was AWESOME. My favorite things were the huge, pie-sized OATMEAL CREAM PIES - like the Little Debbie ones, only HUGE and homemade. HOMEMADE. I'm not sure what it means that every time I tried to reach for one someone else would take it. Hmm. Anyway, that's okay because my sleeping brain kept inventing more and more delightful concoctions so everywhere I went in this mythical buffet there were increasingly more awesome and plentiful desserts (now that I think about it, there never was any "real food" to speak of.) There were all sorts of gooey cakes and non-fruit pies; large, flat, chewy cookies with no nuts; vats of creamy pudding; ice cream with yummy candy swirled in; and lots of different types of neon-colored sodas, not anything that actually exists, but all made up in my fevered brain. It was like... Willy Wonka's factory on a buffet. On crack. Yeah, that's exactly what it was like!

I woke up suddenly, hot and thirsty, and immediately went for the freezer and the last Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich I had in the house.

it's sad. you don't need to say it. i already know.


Crazy MomCat said...

That's too funny! Now, this sounds like a dream my sugar-deprived ass should be having, not yours! HA!

Babs said...

OK, wait... Was this *really* a dream about a dessert buffet? Or, you know, about something else... Cuz it sure would be a shame if others are grabbing up all your "dessert" ;-)

Lisabell said...

This was indeed a dream about a dessert buffet. If someone tried to steal my *dessert* in real life, I'd have to kick some ass.

Crazy MomCat said...

Yes, thanks for clarifying because you know because SOME people might not get your jokes from long distance if you're making double-references. Especially if they don't know enough to know if you are getting "dessert" or not.

You know...some of us just aren't THAT smart...RIGHT?

Crazy MomCat said...
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