Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Ick update

More than halfway through the workday and still holding steady at feeling like minimal shit. In other words, it could be a LOT worse, granted I'd still rather be in bed right now. Here is what has transpired since my last entry:

1. Slept sitting up til 6am.
2. Awoke with a massive, throbbing headache.
3. Self medicated and slept til 8am. Sitting up. Surrounded by cat.
4. Took another dose of Zicam.
5. Got to work almost on time.
6. Workworkwork.
7. Another dose of Zicam.
8. Ingested "Airborne", this mega mixture of vitamins and amino acids designed to kick a cold in the ass.
9. Vegetated and pondered the mega vitamin I just ingested. Imagined I could feel the cold getting its ass kicked.
10. Blogged about it.

Any sympathy you want to send my way is still much appreciated.

I dreamed disturbing dreams last night, including my recurring college dream: the one where I am here and now in my life, but am hiding a secret that I never **quite** finished college, that I need to go back and finish one more class to get my degree. This stress dream entails having to quit my job and go back to school for a semester, including trying to find a cheap apt. to hold all the crap and kitties I've accumulated since I was in college, for no money, since I'm no longer working. On especially special occasions, like while on cold meds, I even throw in a couple of old roommates to complete the nightmare.

I can't wait to get home and nap; perhaps that crappy history prof will make an appearance...oh, goody!


Babs said...

OK, this is totally weird. I had MY recurring school dream last night! AND it's always that I have totally skipped out of the entire year of some type of history class. BIZARRE! What is it with nightmares about history courses?!?! The interesting thing is that instead of having to go the final without ever even opening the book, the dream had me doing a special project of recording a rock album. And you KNOW how bad I sing! Too weird.

Crazy MomCat said...

Babs, I have that same exact dream about realizing you've missed the whole class and having to take the final. Or, the one where you go to take the final and can't ever find where it is. Stress dreams....they're so bizarre, aren't they?

matthewstoryteller said...

Odd. My back to school dream is always about having to go back to high school. Maybe because I LOVED college. They were the four least stressful years of my life. Then I went to grad school and almost had a nervous breakdown. Anyway, here's lots of sympathy coming your way LY. I suspect that if that cold knows what's good for it, it will stay the hell away from all your meds. Feel better. :)