Sunday, October 30, 2005


so as I've been surfing/watching tv tonight, I have been getting increasingly annoyed when I check my favorite blogs repeatedly and they HAVEN'T UPDATED, HOW DARE THEY??? Then it occurred to me that I haven't either. Oh. Yeah. So rather than continue to feel hypocritical, I thought i'd write something, even if it's not riveting or entertaining.

So. My observations from the weekend, perhaps? Hey, it's something.

- candy corn is only good for the first 5 minutes, then it just makes you sick.
- there is such thing as "too much pizza"
- and "too much sleep"
- I still have that cold from two weeks ago, the one I was all proud of kicking with Zicam; so i'm back on the zicam, even though logically it doesn't make sense since it didn't technically work the first time...
- I LOVE Grey's Anatomy. It is officially my favorite show this season, over Nip/Tuck, ER, everything.

That's about it. Although this weekend wasn't a complete bust; Friday night I had a visit from BT, wherein we made out like bandits and ate pizza and watched the last half of the third Excorist movie, which sucked (the movie. the movie sucked.). And as Babs said, that's better than my typical Friday night...heh. Then last night I went to dinner with the Alaska gang, then we went **bowling** -- which, two times in a week? I think I'm done for another 10 years or so! Oh so here's my final weekend observation:

- the minute you begin to think you don't suck at bowling is the minute you begin rolling gutter balls.



Crazy MomCat said...

Oh, I love Grey's Anatomy too. It's like ER and oh, a soap opera, all in one! Love that Patrick Dempsey. Who knew the geek from Can't Buy Me Love would age so darn well!

Babs said...

I don't know why I have such a mental block about catching Grey's Anatomy on Sunday nights. Could it be that I *despise* all the hype about Desperate Housewives and am rebelling by NOT watching the show that's on right after it? OR, am I just a freak who catches up on all the really great shows by renting them on DVD? (just finished Disc 4 of Season 1 of Lost... woo hoo!) OR, it may be that I'm still strangely compelled to watch Intervention on A&E at 9PM on Sunday nights. Is this not the most pointless comment ever? ;-)

Lisabell said...

OR you could do what I do; watch Grey's at 9, then catch Intervention at 1am! See? Perfect!

[yes, i'm insane]