Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sorry for the silence...

...but my brain is still in post-vacation recovery (coma) even as my body rejects the polluted, hot, humid Texas air. My lungs, they keep shouting (groaning, actually), "wtf? this time last week we were in the purest air in the world. what are you tryin to do, kill us??" Well, dear lungs, yes, I suppose that inadvertently, that is exactly what I'm doing. There can be no other explanation for why I continue to live in this wretched, hotter-than-hell, humid and allergy-ridden state. Maybe it will make more sense when it begins to cool off -- in DECEMBER.

No, no bitterness at being back in the real world, none at all. Who told you that? They were clearly lying.

Really, i hope to do some productive and happy vacation blogging this weekend, if my sinuses don't explode in protest before that time. Here's something else to keep you hanging on:

That is where my heart still is. That is the peaceful view from the balcony in our room as we sailed back to Seattle on the last day...

[can you hear the tiny violin? i can...]

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