Wednesday, September 14, 2005

One of those list thingies...

First off, I cannot beLIEVE it has been almost a week since my last post. Time flies when you're in hell. Anyway.

I stole this from MissZoot because I am still deep in the midst of a stress storm and can't think of anything to say that is a) positive or b) not about work, which is off limits. So here ya go -- take it and run with it, if you want to:

10 years ago I was:
...a technical writer
...going to SA every weekend to take care of my mom, who had cancer
...newly transplanted in Austin

5 years ago I was:
...a copywriter
...a new auntie
...quite a bit skinnier
...a new, and very proud, homeowner

1 year ago I was:
...still single a brand new job and very happy about it
...just back from visiting Sarah in SF
...a three-time auntie
...just starting to talk to BT again

Yesterday I was:
...stressed out
...hungry, about this time

5 snacks I enjoy the most:
1. Ben & Jerry's ice cream
2. Goldfish
3. cashews from AustinNuts (yes, it makes a difference)
4. anything chocolate
5. Little Debbie swiss rolls OR oatmeal cream pies

5 songs I know all the words to:
1. Ant Rap - Adam & the Ants
2. Come to Jesus - Mindy Smith
3. Ice Cream - Sarah McLachlan
4. Barely Breathing - Duncan Sheik
5. Never is a Promise - Fiona Apple

5 ideal places for running away to:
1. Paris
2. Victoria, BC (newly discovered)
3. my sister's house in CO
4. Spring Canyon
5. Verona, Italy

5 items you will never see me wear:
1. pantyhose
2. bikini
3. hat
4. tapered jeans/pants
5. capri pants (vs. cropped, which are fine)

5 biggest joys in life:
1. my nephews
2. shopping
3. traveling
4. my circle of friends
5. being alive

that is all.

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Crazy MomCat said...

Yay! You're back! I missed you!
Stupid question--who or what is BT? This may be a blonde moment...

Here are my answers:

10 years ago I was:
...3 yrs married
...a technical writer my first home (I think)
...adjusting to my husband's out-of-town work schedule
...making great friends I'd keep even after two moves and major life changes!

5 years ago I was:
...a fairly new mom my new home (away from the hellish rental)
...starting to adjust to Houston
...missing my friends in other cities
...getting involved in my moms group

1 year ago I was:
...a second time mom, first time for a daughter!
...remembering why I hate "the diaper years"
...trying to get rid of moms' group responsibilities
...recovering from a crazy August
...probably very sleep-deprived

Yesterday I was:
sick with worry
also sick with a virus
very exhausted
well, to be honet, unclean...i didn't shower amid the child's violent illness

5 snacks I enjoy the most:
1. A regular Coke & pretzels (don't have the Coke now...sniff)
2. Baked Tostitos with a choice salsa
3. peanut butter on anything
4. queso (oohhh...forbidden fruit!)
5. Laughing cow cheese wedge on celery (not forbidden, but good!)

5 songs I know all the words to:
(I have a knack for knowing song lyrics, so I know most of the songs I like actually.)
1. 8 Mile - Eminem
2. All of Rick Springfield's biggest 80s hits (yes there were SEVERAL PEOPLE!)
3. Wide Open Spaces - Dixie Chicks
4. Three words: "Bust-a-move"
5. More 80s: Anyone remember Nenah Cherry? "Gigalo...sucka?)

5 ideal places for running away to:
1. Maui or
3. I
5. BEEN! (that's a lot of places!)

5 items you will never see me wear:
1. bikini (unless there's an extreme makeover!)
2. seriously low hip-huggers
3. legwarmers (not again...they are supposedly back IN!)
4. a tatoo (i'm a weenie!)
5. stilettos (a clutzy tall weenie!)

5 biggest joys in life:
1. my family/kids
2. writing
3. good friends, new and old
4. scrapbooking
5. tie: travel/decorating my house