Saturday, August 13, 2005

On splendor and glamour and chocolate (just for good measure)

I probably shouldn't post on Saturday nights, because it just advertises the fact that I'm home, on my couch, with my laptop, on a Saturday night. Ah well, it's the truth. And, it's also a choice. I **could** be out doing something glamorous in this glamorous town, but you know -- I saw a MOVIE last night and that was exciting enough. Tonight, it's Dr. Pepper and Plus, this time next weekend I will be on a giant boat and will have PLENTY of glamorous things to do, so I'm resting up. Ok?

Ok. I hate to do it again, but this is another post about the impending cruise. My friend Matt called me today to inform me that he had talked to the cruise people and they confirmed what he suspected -- that we **have** to "dress up" for dinner. Now I knew there were two "formal" nights, and had already resigned myself to just wearing various components of basic black, but EVERY NIGHT? And it gets even worse -- he asked them about eating the 24/7 buffet on the "Leto" deck and they said even THAT requires fancy clothes. Hell, the only way to avoid "dressing up" for dinner is to order room service. Which you bet your ass I will do at least once. Or twice.

Admittedly, I'm not currently in the spirit of the cruise. Supposedly, say former cruisers, once I get on the boat and into the whole luxurious splendor of it all, I will WANT to dress up and look nice etc etc. The problem is that I don't "dress up" in REAL life, so why would I want to do it on my VACATION?? When I think "vacation" I picture no makeup. A lot of sleeping and eating. No stress. Drinking, touring, but mostly, relaxing. So the notion of dragging ass back to the [teenytiny] room after a full day of touring a glacier or something equally grand, and then cleaning up and changing clothes for dinner, does NOT seem appealing right about now. I'm really worried about this. I'm sure it will be fine, I'm sure I'll get into the "spirit" of the cruise and will feel differently, but right now all I can think is I'm going to have to drag myself to the mall tomorrow, on a wretched weekend-day, to buy "nice" clothes. [Taking a time out to acknowledge the persistent use of quote-marks in this entry -- sorry about that, but if you were talking to me in person I'd be doing giant quotes in the air w/my hands, so I have to be true to myself].

People, I wear jeans to work every day. Every. Day. I break it up sometimes by wearing cropped pants in a different color, usually black. That's as dressy as it gets in Lisa's World. So anyway, just a small freak-out a week before the Alaskan Splendor that I'm sure I will adore and all my fears will be erased once I get on the boat and have a couple of $20 margaritas and relax. I should be very excited, I know. My friends who have cruised before are mega-excited and all giggly about it. This is one of the things I hate about myself: the inability to not stress out about the unknown. I would be giggly and excited if it were my 2nd time on a cruise and I'd enjoyed the first one, I'm just unsure at this point. But I trust that this time next week I will feel very differently. Yay!

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