Thursday, August 11, 2005

On the eve of blessed Friday

I did a bad thing tonight. Again. I came home from work and slept on my couch for several blissful hours. This is bad because it totally mucks with my sleep pattern and evening overall -- yet I can't seem to help it this week. And speaking of this week? I cannot concentrate on ANYTHING. The reason my posts have been light and fluffy lately? Because that's what's in my BRAIN, people.

I think it's a combination of things; one being that this time next week I'll be in Seattle about to get on a giant boat for a week of Alaskan splendor. Heh. Also, this is the hottest, muggiest, most miserable month of the year to live in stupid Texas. This distracts me, makes me feel listless, prevents any inspiration on my part to do my hair or makeup. I mean, what's the point really, when it's so dang humid that when I step out of my car in the mornings, my glasses fog up??? My sistah, in Colorado, she is so lucky.

Thank goodness this week is almost over. Then I'll only have to suffer through four more days next week before my trip. Of which I am harboring much trepidation, along with excitement. Things I'm nervous about? The Unknown, of course. For example:
-Will I get seasick and throw up?
-Will my other two roommates get seasick and throw up?
-In our tiny, closet-sized room? That we're sharing??
-Will the ocean freak my shit out? Will I become obsessed with the dangerous creatures frolicking beneath the dark, dangerous, cold waters?
-Will we hit a glacier? I KNOW what can happen, i SAW the movie.
-Will I have the right clothes, or will I pack oh so carefully only to find I look all wrong and have NOTHING I like?
-Will I enjoy all the pre-planned excursions, or will I end up feeling stressed and tired and want to hide out somewhere where no one can find me?

and on and on. I know it will all be okay, I know after we board and spend about a day and i see that we're not going to sink or be deathly ill, I'll have a blast. But thanks to my genes (THANKS MOM) I will worry until that time. It sucks. The worrying, I mean.

BUT. I am very happy to have a trip to look forward to, and even if all those things I'm worrying over actually do happen (well, except for the glacier one) it will STILL be an adventure and beautiful and great. And -- perhaps most importantly -- MUCH cooler than Texas in August.

(AND. There is a LUSH [I'm on a Mac and it doesn't do links, in case you were wondering] store in Victoria, and I'm harboring a secret fantasy that I'll actually have the time and ability to FIND it and LUSH always soothes me. So that. It will rock.)

P.S. Last night at Target I bought an umbrella the size of my iPod. Kick ass.


Lochmoor Mom said...

Just checking out your blog! I found it via you leaving a comment on my blog...thank you so very much! I got all excited to see that someone left a comment.
Have fun on your Alaskan splendor trip. Post pics when you return!!

Suburban Turmoil said...

I've heard cruises to Alaska ROCK- so you will probably love it. And I must have the umbrella-that's-the-size-of-an-ipod!!!