Tuesday, August 09, 2005

How my Monday has extended into Tuesday

I hate that this has happened. I hate being so mundane and ordinary as to say Mondays suck. But well, they do. Or at least yesterday did, and for some reason it seems to be bleeding into my Tuesday as well.

Yesterday. Running a bit late, nothing new. No drama. Until lunch, when I went out w/my friend Anita for the first time in over a week. And we got severely rear-ended by an SUV at a stoplight. That SUV hit her SUV, which then crashed into the SUV in front of us. (This happened in Westlake: the land of the Ladies who Lunch. Perhaps I will go into more detail on this someday…but if you live or work anywhere near this area in Austin, you already know what I mean). So anyway, it just so happens her front passenger seat belt wasn’t working, and the whole thing freaked me out waaayyy more than it should have. I was having mini flashbacks to my own accident and that horrible sound. That awful BOOM that occurs when bumper hits bumper, it took me back. But really, no one was hurt (a little sore maybe) and we made it back to work w/ out incident. The rest of the day was spent w/me nursing a mild headache, then going to a HH and accidentally getting tipsy. While I was getting ready for bed, somehow I locked Piper in my linen closet; I kept hearing this faint thudding; I would turn off the sink faucet and listen intently and it would stop. I’d turn the water back on and it would start. I was starting to get kind of creeped out when Jess sauntered into the bathroom and jumped four feet in the air as Piper snaked her arm out from under the door to bat at him. Scared the bejeezus(sp) out of both of us. Anyway. Mystery solved. Went to bed kind of early, woke up today with the same headache as yesterday. Good times.

Even though I was running late (again) this morning, I jumped in the shower to wake myself up. Hmm, how curious; my shampoo won’t lather this morning. Hmm, maybe I missed my head, perhaps I need more. Ok, I’ve now used two giant handfuls of my shampoo and my hair is NOT LATHERING. Ok, I’ll resort to my solid shampoo bar, the one I’m trying to preserve until our trip next week (NEXT WEEK!!). Finally, the lather I was looking for. Rest of the shower was uneventful until I reached for my conditioner and realized that I was using handfuls of my precious, expensive, LUSH conditioner earlier and that’s why there was no lather. Neither my hair nor the shampoo was defective. Just my brain. Now I only have a little bit left of that hard-to-obtain conditioner, dammit. Plus, as if I don’t have enough hair issues, putting gobs of conditioner into dirty hair and THEN washing it tends to bring out the weirdness in your hairstyle. Or lack thereof.

Stepped out of the shower and tripped on my grey cat who was not so patiently sitting there waiting to bug me for catnip. Stuck in traffic. Headache continues. So far, so good.

Sorry for this total bitchfest, but you know. It happens.


Babs said...

I can just imagine Piper's little "arm" snaking out under the door... that was very smart of her! (hope your afternoon was better than your morning)

Crazy MomCat said...

Come to think of it, my Monday has crept into my Tuesday as well! Maybe this is contagious!

One positive thing that I'm sure I'll blog about soon--we got DISH network and two DVRs! YESSSSSSSS!

Friends, I may never see the light of day again!!!

sarah said...

Fear not soon-to-be-conditionerless friend. The SF Lush fairy is here to solve your beauty dilemmas. I get paid this weekend and I can make a quick trip to Lushland next week. Your lush-wish is my command.