Friday, July 28, 2006

It is done. YEEEE-HAAAWWWW!!!

So here I am, battered and bruised, limping down the other side of the mountain I have been tediously climbing since about April. I am tired, travel weary, trembling with adrenaline and fatigue, but ... I no longer have to worry about selling my house. Yes ladies and gentlemen, it SOLD in less than 24 hours. TWO offers by the end of the first day. It's under contract and might even close before August 10! Can we all breathe a shockingly, head-rush-inducing, deep, cleansing breath in my honor, please? Can I hear a "HELL YEAH"?


If I don't sound more gushy and excited it's simply because I've been almost constantly on my phone for the past two days, calling everyone with updates, back and forth with the realtor, etc etc. I am emotionally drained. My body aches from the tension. This time a mere week ago, I was about to blow a gasket from all the loose ends hanging open and the severe lack of knowing. Now, I am looking forward to being able to fully relax in...say... six more months?????

Anyway, in honor of selling my home, I am going to Denver this weekend for a quick house-hunting trip, and in a wild turn of events, Tamara is going with me! We leave tomorrow night and return Tuesday night. Staying with my sis. Checking out different parts of the city, deciding what area I like, visiting many properties, both from Craigslist and from an apartment locator will be a whirlwind for sure, but MUCH more fun than the whirlwind of getting my house on the market!

It's hard for me to believe that we are almost done with July; it seems like the last time I was conscious of my surroundings and time and space was in early June. Then I had the DC trip, the CO interview, and then the whirlwind turned into a whirlgust and BOOM here we are. The worst behind us. Dear God, please let the worst be behind us.

I'm sure I will have deep and meaningful things to say about all of this in retrospect. The past five months of my unemployment have been pretty interesting, and totally different than what I was expecting from past experience. I'm sure I have learned a lot and grown a lot and blahblahblah, but people, i'm just hanging on by the solid-white-freakishly-thick-and-curly hair I plucked out of my bangs this morning, and I gots to get some sleep.

But I couldn't sleep without shouting it from the rooftops:
The Adventure is Just Beginning!


Crazy MomCat said...


I can't wait to hear about your apartment scouting mission. I wish I could tag along with you both. I know you'll have fun and find some great places.

Doesn't this all falling into place so quickly make you feel like you're doing the right thing?

Alison said...

Wow! Congrats on the job & the house sale! I'm horribly jealous...we still own our house in the Austin area 5 months later, & it looks like we may have to sell it for less than we still owe on it. Anyway, I wish you all the best in Colorado!! It all sounds exciting!