Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What is Hell?

Hell is... Texas in July. Hell is... Texas in July with NO A/C. Hell is... having to pay $350 to repair your A/C unit the WEEK before your house goes on the market.

Today I woke up and it was hot. I mean, it's always hot here, but it was hot IN my house. By noon I was sweating, just sitting around. By 1:00 I realized I had a problem. A big problem. By 2:00 I'd called several A/C companies only to find that in July? In Texas? Forget about getting same-day service, unless you are willing to pay out the ass for "emergency" service. But seeing as it was over 95 degrees in my house by 4:00, it qualified as an emergency in my book. So between 4 and 7:30 today, while waiting or the A/C people to come and save the day, I alternated between taking ice-cold showers, to lying naked on my bed with the fan going full-blast, no TV on (it generated too much heat), back to the cold shower, back to the naked fan sprawl, and so on. The cats joined me in their nudity, only they chose to sprawl on the kitchen tile, spread eagled on their backs. I decided I didn't really feel like being naked on my kitchen tile. But anyway.

Now it is cool again, but I'm exhausted and generally irritated that I lost a day of packing. I suppose I could still get something done now, but surprisingly, being hot for hours on end, IN YOUR OWN HOUSE, kinda saps the productivity right out of you. Or out of me, I should say.

Tomorrow: I'll get craaaazzzeeee and double up, doing the cat room AND the coat closet. weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Moral of the story: don't ever take air conditioning for granted. Ev-ah. Second moral: move to Colorado, stat.

p.s. since people seem intent on informing me that it has been hot in CO this week too, let me respond by saying AT LEAST IT WILL END SOON THERE. Texas is just getting warmed up, so to speak, and will not see any trace of cool-ish air until mid November. So, HA.

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