Friday, February 16, 2007

long time gone

Well. So, I'm back. The past two weeks have been...shall we say........ frenzied. You know how when you wait to call someone back and the longer you wait, the harder it is to make the call? Because you know you'll need to explain and you're afraid they'll be angry at you? Yeeeaaah. That's how I feel right now, but I suspect that if I wait much longer, I won't be able to climb back on the wagon. The Blogwagon, that is. But in my defense, I haven't seen my nephews in almost a month, so it's not just you, people -- everyone has been neglected...sorry....

So in light of that admission, please cut me some slack and be entertained by a list...a mish-mash list.

1. I am now officially 37. Woo to the hoo.
2. I still have allergies in Austin. That magically disappear in Colorado.
3. Jess is a more reliable alarm clock than my digital clock radio/alarm. But. Leaving for five days apparently threw off his inner clock and he's been waking me up at 4am or 5am this whole. Entire. Week. O.M.G.
4. I really really miss my Austin friends.
5. I also really really miss fabulous Tex-Mex.
6. I'm really really ready to call a trainer and reverse the startling amount of damage done over a long weekend.
7. Everyone in Texas gave me flat birthday presents, since I, you know, flew there. Except for my mother, who gave me a giant puffy throw pillow. A very nice giant puffy throw pillow, but giant and puffy nonetheless. I'm just saying.
8. I've already had my annual hangover, so whew, that's over with.
9. I fall more deeply in love with Grey's Anatomy every single week.
10. I missed my Colorado friends while I was in Austin.

More soon. I promise. Including a new Weekly Blog Challenge! Soon! yes.

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GerRee said...

Oooh! You missed us?? Also, um, about the allergies... enjoy the time out. They will come back. It's a weird thing - I'll try to explain when next I see you.