Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Week Two: Weekly Blog Challenge

Here we are on week two of this, and I think it went well last week! Maybe I was inspired to choose this week's topic thanks to the premiere of American Idol, but nevertheless, here tis:
Write about the rudest thing someone ever said to you. You know, that one thing that has stuck out in your mind and you can't quite forget it or get over it, even though it was YEARS ago---oh wait, is that just me? Surely not...

A few weeks into my freshman year in high school, I was BFF with this girl named Christy who I'd met in 7th grade. We were sort of friends by default, as we were both "the new kids" in middle school. She had skipped a grade and was even more insecure than I was, but in her case, it manifested in bossiness/meanness/put-down-ness. Whereas my insecurity manifested in...well, insecurity. Anyway, this drama was building in which the boy she had had a crush on (unrequited crush, it's important to note) was starting to flirt with me, and this was the first boy who had EVER flirted with me. And I wanted to flirt back. It helped that I had just gotten contact lenses after years of coke-bottle glasses, and was feeling a little prettier than I had, in say, the last 14 years of my life. She picked up on all of this and was trying her best to thwart it.

So one day in PE we were walking across the gym and she said, conversationally, "...actually, I think you looked better in your glasses because your face, it's kind of plain. Y'know?"

I think I might have nodded numbly and changed the subject, inwardly crushed. And it shouldn't have mattered, because the boy in question ended up being my HS sweetheart, and she and I parted ways halfway through 9th grade, but I never forgot this. Even today, on the rare occasions when I'm wearing contact lenses, I look in the mirror and feel compelled to put on more makeup to brighten up my plain face.

I appreciate the mini-orchestra of tiny violins, thanks.

So, what's yours? Write about it and come back and tell me!


Nicole said...

OMG, Sistah! You are anything but plain! You have the cheekbones of Meryl Streep and hazel eyes to boot! All my friends wanted to be like you!

That little bitch. I knew I didn't like her.

I'll have to think about my moment and get back to you...

Anonymous said...

I can't write this on my blog so I am commenting for your pleasure: The person (who you know as responsible for the bizarre CO thunderclap) told me about my grandfather's death: "People better than him die every day." Ugh. It pained me to say the least. Really hurt that he didn't understand how hard it was for me. I wanted him to get it. In his defense he really was trying to say something bigger than that, about the big picture of the universe maybe, not at all trying to be an asshole. Years later, I think I know what he meant and I almost appreciate his intention: it was a good intention I think, ironically. But OMG. POORLY said at the time.