Thursday, September 07, 2006


It has recently been brought to my attention that there might come a time this winter when I will have to wear…socks. That’s right—-socks. Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE wearing socks??? But then they’re hardly necessary in TX. I only wore them when I exercised or wore boots. I could go a whole winter never wearing socks with my snuggly closed-toe mules.

But in CO? There will be snow, and it will get in my shoes. I might have to wear socks. And I’m completely bummed about it.

I’m not sure why I have the aversion to socks, or when it started; I’m thinking maybe I burned out after high school, when it was “in” to buy those [expensive] scrunch-socks from The Limited in all different colors and match them to your outfit (shut up, you know you did it too). In any event, I was in Eddie Bauer the other night and as I was being rung up the salesperson said, peppily I might add, “Oh, we have our socks on special!” And I looked at her blankly for a beat or two, then smiled thinly and said no thanks, I’m good. But am I?

A CO native told me that boots are the way to go, because apparently, snow? It’s cold and icky when it gets in your shoes. In fact, she told me that’s what boots are actually FOR, is keeping your feet safe from such hazards. This was somewhat of a revelation to me, because in TX, we wear boots because they are pretty. It makes you feel frisky to prance around in mid-calf black boots worn with too-long jeans. Boots were a fashion accessory, not a necessity. I like me some boots. So the good news? I get to buy new boots this winter. The bad news? Boots must be worn with SOCKS.



Babs said...

Weird... I absolutely LOVE socks! But that could be because my feet are always cold in the winter. (even in Texas)

Nicole said...

Clayton doesn't wear socks, even with his cowboy boots...hmmmm