Monday, September 18, 2006

Exploring Colorado: Chapter 1

On Sunday, we had the most perfect. weather. evah. It was in the 40s in the morning and only reached maybe 60 all day long! Perfect for sunbathing? No. But for hiking? Oh yeah baby. So I got up early (yes! on a Sunday!) and me and my friend Kirby drove up to Boulder (about 15 minutes -- because WE LIVE HERE AND IT ROCKS) and went for a several-hour-long hike. I'm probably going to spell this wrong, but the park is called Chautauqua and has tons of trails; we picked one that was supposed to be easy.

Um. Maybe for someone who can actually breathe the CO air, perhaps; but for me? Still adjusting to the altitude and out-of-shape to boot? Let's just say it was a bit...challenging... But Kirby was very patient with me and took lots of pics every 2 minutes when I had to stop, gasping for breath. I will now post some of the pics. And please note the hella blue sky... that ain't no Texas sky, my friends :)

Before the hike: hopeful; naive

After 5 minutes of hiking at a slight incline

The rest of those are views of the Flatirons (which I can also see from my apartment) and then me and Kirby sitting in these stone chairs someone built up at the top. Also, I learned today, upon bragging to someone at work that I went to the "mountains" this weekend, that "those aren't the mountains; those are hills". Um. To this Texas girl? THEY'RE MOUNTAINS.


Nicole said...

I'm so glad you're out exploring your new state, Sistah! Take advantage of the weather because it might snow in the next week or so ;-)

Crazy MomCat said...

Wow. Snow. I say

You look in your element, Lis! Wish I was climbing those mountains with ya!

Lisabell said...

Well come on up, and we'll go hiking :D

Tamara said...

Oh my God! Could you be turning into Crunchy Lisa? Yay!
--Crunchy Tam