Tuesday, July 10, 2007

post-vacation insomnia

I can't sleep. This is the third night I've been back in my own bed since the trip, and for some reason I am wide awake. I think I'm still on CA time, maybe? I dunno, but it sucks. The worse thing is that I'm tired all day at work, then wide awake when I actually can sleep.

I hate coming home from vacation. I just hate it. I want to live on vacation -- is that really too much to ask?? I think I am closest to my authentic self when I'm on vacation. I'm stress free, rested, not worried about work, etc. The trip to Tahoe was just what I needed. Bonding time with my Austin friends, perspective from work, and distance. I loved it and I want to go back. But now that I'm back in my **real** life, I can already feel the knots re-knotting in my shoulders.

And being gone for a week has made me feel really behind. I have all these things to do, and I can't make myself do them. Fundamental things, like going to the dentist and returning emails. All I seem to want to do is stare at the TV and feel sad that I don't know when my next trip will be.

I miss this:
And this:
And this:
(a couple of those are probably courtesy of Dipu, but I'm not sure since we consolidated our pics... i'm sure between me, Dipu, Babs, and Matt, you will be seeing Tahoe pics for a while to come...)

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Dipu said...

Not to toot my own horn, but all three of those are my pics. Which explains why I'm not in any of them... :-(