Wednesday, May 02, 2007

just checking in...

I've been busy lately, blahblahblah. But really, I have. Here's what's been going on:
  • I've been giving Jess two insulin shots a day for a week now, and today he is at the vet getting his blood glucose curve, so we know if we're getting him the right amount of insulin
  • Jess does not care about getting shots -- he stands still for me and doesn't even wince - or stop eating for that matter.
  • Weird (super-weird) fact: the same week I found out Jess had diabetes? My brother, in San Antonio, found out one of his kitties has it too. And needs two shots a day. Weird.
  • My apartment complex is raising my rent $150/month if I renew my lease
  • They can kiss my a** -- I'm moving :)
  • But I'm not buying; I decided to pay for my freedom (rent) for another year
  • I already found a place i'm in love with
  • I should know something by tomorrow
  • Work is still crazy busy
  • I might be moving in two to three weeks
  • Tomorrow night I'm meeting a good Austin friend of mine for dinner in South Denver -- she's in Col. Springs for a work conference and we're going to meet halfway - yay!

Um... okay. That about covers it for today... any questions???


Beverly Palm-Titus said...

Hey Lisabell -- I e-mailed you a few weeks back, and got a reply, but it was empty -- then I sent another note and the server barfed it back at me with some error.
If you are trying to escape me, I am not making it easy for you ;)
But today my dad was in town, and he got in a fender-bender car accident with a woman named Sabrina who looked hauntingly like YOU --and it freaked me out a bit. Don't worry, my dad didn't hurt your TWIN or himself ... but she made me miss you. Give me a holla sometime, huh?

Hope said...

Good luck with all the changes, between moving and Jess's shots you've got a lot going on.

If you really didn't want to move, you could call your rental office and say you'll resign but only if it goes up $10.00. That's what I did and they took it!