Thursday, December 28, 2006

dRunK bLogGing roX

Thank you, Tamara. Thank you for leaving behind half a bottle of Pinot. Because today? Sucked. Without going into all the nit-picky details of how my day sucked, let me just say that here is the icing on the cake, people: Tomorrow, we are expected to have a storm that might EQUAL OR SURPASS the storm last week. Yeah, the one that left us trapped in our houses for days, turning our brains to mush and our vehicles to mud-covered not-new-anymore messes on wheels.

did I mention i was a little drunk? It's about damn time. well, except for Christmas Eve with the Dupuy's... that was kind of drunk too. But you know, I have to say Pinot is a lot smoother than Beaujolais (major sp - sorry, drunk).

anyway. going to bed now, fully expecting to wake up to not a winter wonderland, but a nice pretty layer of snow over the 10-feet-high piles of black snow in every parking lot as far as the eye can see. Good times.

I love colorado! I still do!



Babs said...

wow chica, drunk off a half bottle?!? Good to know that you're still a lightweight! ;)

(and you canNOT blame it on the altitude. We know our Lisa!)

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe I never commented on this. I keep going back and reading it because it makes. ME. LAUGH.
you're welcome.
fkjhdl; (major sp)