Tuesday, June 10, 2008

you gotta start somewhere

Wow. So it's been, like, over a month since I've posted. Every single day I think about posting, and every single day it just seems too overwhelming. So much has been going on behind the scenes. I really don't know where to start and I don't want to post a long-ass post with 800 pictures, you know? So. I guess I'll start somewhere and try to catch up little by little.

So, the house. It's coming together, although there doesn't seem to be enough time (or money) to do everything we want to do NOW NOW NOW. And yet. R is one of those guys who can't sit still when there are things to do, and now that he has an ongoing project, omg. He's doing. The yard. The landscaping. Painting. Everything. It makes me tired just watching him. (heh. i do stuff too, don't worry...). One of my favorite things that he's done is my home office. It's too excellent for words. Unfortunately, R doesn't want me to post pics of it until it's "finished". Um, I think what he means is "clean". Which... well. So here are a few photos:

So the pics aren't the greatest, but can you see my PURPLE walls?? Love. Now, here are some other house pics, just to give you an idea what I've been up to lately, in my long absence...

And finally...
I think that's all for now. I'm trying to be reinspired, so we'll see how this goes...


Crazy MomCat said...

Oh, YAY! I am so glad I jumped online for a sec and saw you'd posted. I have been dying to see pics of your house!

First, your black furniture (or dark wood, can't tell) looks GREAT against the purple walls. Second, are those circular mirrors you've scattered around the pictures and things on the wall? That looks TOO COOL!

Next...your salmon-y walls are really pretty. I love that color! Robert gets major props from me, your unknown friend whom he's never met, for going for the purple and the salmon. My happy-with-the neutrals better half would not be so open.

Lastly, LOVE your kitchen, the barstools, the dark wood...STUNNING!

Dang, I just wish I had the time and money to come and visit again. And, that reminds me...when are you coming this way next? I need my Lisa fix!

Lisabell said...

Thank you so much! First off, Robert was mortified that the entryway paint looks salmon-y in the pics; it's actually a dark terracotta color...(shrug)...:)

Yes, those are little mirrors -- they came from Target, as a set! I lurve them too :) And the barstools we found on Craigslist. Score!

You are welcome anytime, my friend. We will be in Austin for (hopefully) a week in October; I'll let you know the details as they develop. Thank you again!! You're so sweet. :D

babs said...

Hurray! You updated! I am in love, love, love with the *terracotta* walls. Maybe that's the color I should use in my guest room?!?!

And I'm so impressed that Robert "let" you post the bedhead pics. I know that Jess is the real star, but still...

No offense to your Austin house, but dang, you have totally upgraded! I love it all. And can't wait to see it all in person someday.

Dipu said...

Wow, is it two stories?? Or are those stairs leading to that thing we in Texas read about in books. I believe it's called a bassmint? Basemant? Reverse attic?

Two observations: Nice subtle placement of Obama's book just inside the frame in that last shot of your office. And who's the Italian who labeled the corner of kitchen in their native tongue?

I'm envious of that cucina-er-kitchen counter/barstool area. And the purple room isn't at all scary like I imagined.

This house sure came a long way from the bare shell you posted a few months ago. Looks great!

Robert Crowe said...

The color on the entry walls is Benjamin Moore HC-51 Audubon Russet. This is part of the Historic Collection.

Hope to see/meet everyone soon!

p.s. The stairs do, in fact, lead to a 1283 square foot basement:)

SB-Gal said...

R- Ali says she loves you & nice buttcrack(his niece). Great house - LOVE the kitchen. What color is the living room.

I'm doing my kitchen ceiling in Ben Moore Pearl or something like that.

GerRee said...

I will say it: I have. Total kitchen envy.


I can't wait to see it and touch it.