Sunday, November 26, 2006

post (and pre?) holiday blues

I'm trying to determine where my Sunday night went wrong. Although I guess given the circumstances, it was doomed -- last day of 4-day weekend and all. But my Sunday in general was good; very relaxing, semi-productive around the house, recharging after the holiday and such; but I've figured it out. What went wrong was Brokeback Mountain. Yeah, i finally caught it on HBO and man was it depressing. I don't even know that I liked it that much or understand why Heath Ledger got nominated for best actor (did he win?); it was simply haunting, tragic, and depressing. Bleah. Everything has been downhill from there.

Like what, you ask? Like my discovery of the unopened jar of roasted peanuts in the pantry, the one I bought for my dad and meant to take to my sister's. But forgot. That one. Also, too much Crystal Light? Is not a good thing. It is NOT the same as water, people. I'll leave it at that. TV has also sucked tonight. After the incredible Brokeback downer, an episode of the shockingly violent and raw series "The Wire" came on HBO. If you've never seen it? Make sure you're in a darn good mood when you do. But a good mood you're perhaps annoyed with, and ready to squelch. Then, knock yourself out.

All of this to say I am more bummed than usual on a Sunday night. It's the end of a 4-day weekend, the gorge-fest that was Thanksgiving, spending time with family, sleeping in for a few days, and now...back to normal. EXCEPT. Except for that pesky day coming up where you buy all the gifts? That one. Yes, that one. We're in the homestretch, the super-sonic-fast-crazy-stressful last month leading up to one single day that will surely be anticlimactic. It has been since I stopped believing in Santa. And did I mention that I don't get to go home this year?

However. I did put up a tiny tree today, decorating it with some ornaments I've collected over the past couple of years and forgot about since I've been Scrooge for, oh, three years now. So yeah, it's only 4-feet high and I give it maybe half a day of unsupervision before the cats eat it, but still.



Anonymous said...

I agree that Brokeback was incredibly depressing, but I did think that Heath Ledger's performance was phenominal.

the Wire is simply the best show in the history of Television. You have Netflix? you need to go back and rent seasons 1 through 3. Yes, the show is depressing, but it's important. It is not passive television, but if you do immerse yourself in the show, the payback is worth it.

Tamara said...

I thought Brokebeck was touching. Sad, yes. I know nothing about The Wire. And yes, the holidays and certainly holiday shopping can be the most depressing of all. Go to he mall? Ugh. SO sorry you're not coming home...
That is TRULY depressing. I miss you. On the upside... Shop online?

sarah said...

Hey Lisa,

I had a nice weekend but I was right there with you on Sunday night. I love Xmas, but this year isn't quite as fun since I don't have money to buy everyone everything they want. Of course, this means less shopping.
I didn't even put up a tree. My cats even found a way to eat my plastic garlands.