Thursday, November 17, 2005

Somebody stop me.

My shopping button was evidently pressed about three weeks ago, beginning with a day trip to the outlet mall, and somehow it got stuck on "GO". I can't stop shopping. I'm obsessed. Maybe it's because I'm gearing up for "Christmas Mode"? But if that was true, wouldn't I be madly buying gifts?? Noooo, I'm buying clothes, and shoes, and makeup... for memememememe. It's insane. AND I'm going to Denver in a few days where we will undoubtedly continue the shopping debauchery. SIGH. Oh well. That's what freelancing is for, right??

Truth be told, until recently I haven't done much shopping since my cruise in August. I am going to admit something here. Something horrible, something physically painful to admit. Y'all, I had a spa treatment on the boat, and that's fine b/c I had planned for that. But what I didn't plan for was being suckered into buying the pricey boat spa PRODUCTS the woman pushed on me while I was still under massage sedation. I refuse to talk actual dollar amounts, because seeing it in writing might kill me. But... I spent more at the spa that day than I did on the entire rest of the trip. Ugh, there it is, the stomach cramps. People, I can't let go of this. I usually don't suffer from shopper's remorse, but this, this has been bothering me for months. So much so that I haven't even USED said products, and am seriously considering selling the damn things on eBay. Then I think, but what idiot would pay $$$ for these stupid boat products??? Detoxify, my ass! I feel toxic just THINKING about them.

Um, yeah. So there's that. Which all came up because I'm sitting here, after 5:00 on a Thursday, pondering whether I want to hit the mall on the way home tonight or just go straight home and crash on my couch. It's a tough call.

I may or may not let you know how it goes.


sarah said...

Know how I cure my severe shopping urges? TJ Maxx. Sure, you have to dig around to find something, but I can usually find some good stuff for less than $75 total and I get it out of my system. I buy mostly body products, purses, and house stuff. I haven't the patience for the stuffed clothing racks. If I have over an hour then I'll go to burlington, but that's a bigger committment than I'm usually willing to accept.

Crazy MomCat said...

Ebay it, sistah! You will feel better. And, don't worry, it happens to all of us! Your weakness is bath products. Mine is scrapbooking stuff. I am NO better!

Don't persecute yourself. And, enjoy that shopping. Just tell yourself it is your Xmas present to yourself! See you soon!

matthewstoryteller said...

Lisa, darling, you must learn to let things go. It's just money, and I say that as a person who has burned through way more of it than he should have, and who has tied himself in knots because of it.

Cash comes and cash goes. The purpose of money is to be spent, now or later, wisely or poorly, but spent nonetheless. You can't take it with you so you might as well enjoy it while you've got it.

So, if it'll make you feel better, there's always somebody out there with money to burn. But if you like the stuff, use it. Spoil yourself. Then go put some money into the Salvation Army bucket. :)

Babs said...

OMG. This is eerie. I was just about to buy myself some perfume online! Even though I've told myself a thousand times, "NO! Just ask for it for Christmas." In a final bout of willpower, I switched over to see if you had updated your blog. I swear, we are all psychically connected!!!

Here's my advice to you... Sell the products from the cruise. You would've used them by now if you were really in love with them. As for me, I'm off to buy that perfume. Cuz, dammit, I'm worth it! ;-)